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Temporary Water Use Program 

 Update of Bulk Water Fee

At the Public Hearing held on March 10, 2020, the Board of Directors have updated the Bulk Water Fee as follows:

Updated Fee: $11.20 per 1,000 gallons

Resolution 2020-2 Update Temporary Water Service Fees for Bulk Water Fee

Ordinance 2017-1 Establishing Rules and Regulations for Temporary Water Use was passed by the Board of Directors on April 11, 2017.  

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Temporary Water Use Permit
Ordinance 2017-1

Temporary Water Use Permit

  • The Temporary Water Use Permit is required by all bulk water haulers.  
  • Permits expire at the end of each calendar year.
  • By signing the permit the haulers agree to abide by all the terms and conditions.
  • The reverse side of the permit contains the Terms and Conditions. This copy of the permit must be retained by the hauler and should be available upon request.
General Info and Locations flyerTerms & Conditions flyer
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Card Lock Bulk Water Station

 Reloadable Card

  • Haulers are required to purchase a reloadable card which can be used at any bulk water station.
  • With the permit and card, a hauler is authorized to pull water from a Card Lock Bulk Water Station.





Card Lock Bulk Water Stations

Site #1 (Pope & Hildebrandt, San Andreas)

Pope & Hildebrandt Fill Station
Pope & Hildebrandt location











Site #2 (Across from RRF Community Center, Railroad Flat)

Railroad Flat location
Railroad Flat Filling Station















Site #3 (Center Street, near Wendell’s, Mokelumne Hill)

Mokelumne Hill location
Fill station
Mokelumne Hill Fill Station












Site #4 (George Reed Dr, San Andreas)

George Reed Fill Station


George Reed location











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Fixed Meter Request

  • Haulers requesting a Fixed Meter are to complete the permit and pay appropriate fees. 
  • Once completed the meter is installed at the closest approved fire hydrant to a customer project or District designated fire hydrant.  
  • Applicants are responsible for starting and stopping service once the meter is placed for service.   
  • CPUD personnel will recover the hardware upon termination or expiration of the permit.  The deposit may be refunded in whole or in part within 60 days of hardware inspection.  Repair or replacement of the returned hardware or any damaged CPUD facilities will be deducted from the deposit, if required.
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General Information & FAQ’s

View the General Information flyer here

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