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As directed by the Board, staff initiated a comprehensive review of District and Board policies and procedures.  The objective of the review is to update and organize District policies to be in compliance with existing law and best practices recognized among water districts throughout the state, and to facilitate transparency and ease of use for the Board, staff and the public.  District staff and legal counsel are working with the policies and procedures ad hoc committee (Directors Blood and Overmier) for review and revision before presentation to the full Board for consideration and adoption.

Included in the first segment of the updates to the District's policies are Sections 1000 (General) and 4000 (Board).  These sections were adopted by Resolution 2020-3 at the March 10, 2020 Board meeting and are available below.  

Resolution 2020-3: Resolution Adopting District Policies

Section 1000 - General

1000 Adoption/Amendment of Policies1005 Association Memberships1010 Basis of Authority1015 Board Secretary1020 Board/Staff Communication1025 Claims Against the District1030 Code of Ethics1035 Conflict of Interest1040 Correspondence to the Board1045 Legal Counsel and Auditor1050 Overview of the General Manager's Role1055 Legislative Advocacy

Section 4100 - Board of Directors

4100 Attendance at Meetings4105 Committees of the Board of Directors4110 Duties of the Board President4115 Ethics Training4120 Members of the Board of Directors4125 Training, Education and Conferences

Section 4200 - Board Meetings

4200 Board Actions and Decisions4205 Board Meeting Agenda4210 Board Meeting Conduct4215 Brown Act Compliance (Open Meeting Requirements)4220 Minutes of Board Meetings4225 Review of Administrative Decisions4230 Rules of Order for Conduct of Board and Committee Meetings4235 Types of Board Meetings

Additional sections (covering finance, administration, personnel and other matters) will be presented to the Board for consideration at future meetings, which will culminate in the complete overhaul of existing policies and their consolidation into one, user-friendly resource once this process is complete.