CPUD System Work and News

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Current Projects

Whenever CPUD upates or repairs part of our system, we receive phonecalls from customers inquiring about the nature and duration of the work. This page provides news about upcoming activities and photos of project work through our service area. If you have a question about our activities, please email (redacted).

Waterline Replacement Project on Pixley Avenue (San Andreas)

  • Sutton Enterprises completed the installation of new 6" pipe on October 2, 2019.
  • CPUD staff worked with Sutton Enterprises to install new customer service lines and updated water meters to 9 customers in the project zone.
  • The subcontractor, Black Gold Paving completed the paving of the roadway.
  • The project was part of the District's Capital Improvement Progam which replaces aging waterlines throughout the District.